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April 6, 2019

35 Blouse Designs That Are Amazingly Simple Yet Super Stylish

A large part of the appeal of a gorgeous saree lies with the blouse, with a unique and beautifully styled blouse adding to the overall appearance of the whole ensemble. In a similar vein, sometimes all you need to really make your saree stand out is a blouse with that beautifully crafted back neck designs that complements the style and adds to the richness of the saree. So, for all the pretty brides looking for the latest and trending blouse back neck designs, browse through our collection of 54 drool worthy blouse designs and well don’t forget to bookmark them.

When it comes to how a blouse is styled, the design of the neck, the styling of the back and of course, the fit are the most important considerations. When it comes to pairing the right blouse with the right saree, a general rule of thumb is:

  • A heavily embellished and adorned saree tends to go well with a simple, but well-tailored blouse.
  • Cotton, georgette and printed chiffon sarees team up excellently with plain blouses.

For Masterji’s Reference – ( Blouse Design – Back And Neck Designs)

1. Off Shoulder Blouse

Stylish Blue Off shoulder blouse for any party wear.It is made up of pure rawsilk fabric It has rich hand embroidery with thread and zardosi work. It can be paired with any organza or chiffon hand embroidered saree which make it a perfect party wear.

2. Golden Sheen Shear Back Blouse Back Neck Design

Featuring a see through back, this golden blouse is the perfect mix of elaboration and elegance. The bling front that merges semlessly into a few lines of delicate embroidery on the sheer back make for one of the most flawless blouse back neck designs on the ramp.

3. Designer Black Blouse Back Neck Design

Featuring embellishments that are akin to polka dots, as well as a gorgeous back design, this blouse is an excellent overall choice.

4. Peacock Blue And Gold Blouse Back Neck Design

This design comes in a gorgeous peacock blue and features a highly alluring design, topped off with the stylish open back neck design.

5. Mirror Embellished Oval Back Neck design

This gorgeous design features two wonderfully complementary colours and a gorgeous back neck design.

6. Sequinned Black Blouse Back Neck Design

This highly appealing design features in black and has an open and stylish back neck design.

7. Maroon Raw Silk Blouse Back Neck Design

This gorgeous blouse features a highly appealing design and is best paired with complementary solid coloured sarees.

8. Cropped Sleeves Poly Georgette Blouse Back Neck Design


This modern blouse design features a fashionable neck cut and a full back.

9. Embroidered Mustard Yellow Blouse Back Neck Design

Featuring gorgeous tassels and a highly elegant open back neck design, this embroidered yellow blouse is an overall excellent piece of attire.

10. Exquisite V Shaped Indian Back Neck Blouse Design

Contemporary and chic, this open back blouse is an excellent and modern interpretation of old school 70s blouse back neck designs.

11. Gold And Blue Embroidered Blouse Back Neck Design

Featuring fancy embroidery and a see through back, this is a fancy blouse perfect for those looking for a super trendy design.

12. Hand Crafted Raw Silk Blouse Back Neck Design

Classic design on the front, very elegant and stylish back neck design, this blouse seems to have it all.

13. Embroidered Pink And Red Blouse Back Neck Design

Both from the front and back, this blouse screams classical beauty. The heavy embroidery work is especially intricate.

14. Pink And Gold Raw Silk Blouse Back Neck Design

This raw silk blouse features gorgeous embroidery, a zipper design and a stylish open back neck design.

15. Beige N’ Gold Full Sleeve Blouse Back Neck Design

A beautiful and modern minimalist blouse back neck design that ticks all the right bridal design boxes. Simple and classy.

16. 70’s Polka Dot Blouse Back Neck Design

This highly chic blouse features a polka dotted design that is topped off by an elegant Peter Pan collar; it’s one of those retro blouse back neck designs that would add an air of slow elegance.

17. Traditional Embroidered Black And Gold Blouse Back Neck Design

Featuring a stunning gold embroidered pattern on a pure black blouse, along with a low cut neck, this is the perfect choice for those looking for something ultra stylish.

18. Brown Sheen Ethnic Blouse Back Neck Design


Contemporary pattern meets a fashionable back neck design in this gold blouse.

19. Coral Pink Blouse Back Neck Design

This coral pink blouse features full embroidery in a highly appealing gold.

20. Silk Resham Blouse Back Neck Design

A highly appealing collar and gorgeous resham work are the highlights of this cut back neck design blouse.

21. Embroidered Cream Blouse Back Neck Design

Gorgeous tassels, low cut back neck design and gorgeous red embroidery make this blouse a traditional classic.

22. Embroidered Maroon And Gold Blouse Back Neck Design

A highly stylish blouse in the classic maroon and gold is always a good combination.

23. Black Zari Blouse Back Neck Design

Super stylish and featuring a summer friendly cut and short (almost mega) sleeves, blouse back neck designs in velveteen black with gold prints are always in vogue.

24. Velvet Navy Blue Blouse Back Neck Design

Featuring a more contemporary design and a chequered pattern on the periphery, this blouse is a highly chic option.

25. Designer Pink Blouse Back Neck Design

Suitable for a cocktail party, this glamorous pink blouse features a bold cut neck design that is super stylish.

26. Embroidered Orange Blouse Back Neck Design

Features a simple pattern, striking colours and a stylish back neck design.

27. White Georgette Blouse Back Neck Design

An excellent cropped design on this georgette blouse also sees a very trendy partially see through back.

28. Embroidered Bottle Green Silk Blouse Back Neck Design

Featuring gorgeous gold embroidery and mirror work on an elegant bottle green blouse design, this one is an automatic pick.

29. Black Velvet Blouse Back Neck Design

This gorgeous blouse features elegant embroidery on the front neck and sleeves, and a highly stylish square back neck design.

30. Bold Red Silk Blouse Back Neck Design

The triangle back neck design is one of the highlights of this contemporary high collared blouse.

31. Royal Blue Open Back Blouse Back Neck Design

Golden borders, red and gold embellishment and a gorgeous shade of blue, not to mention the stylish open back make this an overall excellent blouse.

Of course, there are exceptions and various other combinations, as well as the fact that simple blouses can themselves be spiced up with the addition of tassels, piping, brooches, string, or even adding a mesh on the back. Any and all of the above options can be used to add an extra bit of oomph to your outfit, as well as really bring out the design or a contrasting colour.

Of course, all of the above as well as embroidery, patch work and especially a simple mesh, as suggested above, can transform a simple blouse into a really chic and fashionable piece of attire.Plenty of emphasis is put on the cut of the back of the blouse as well, with a myriad of styles and designs to choose from: the V-back neck, boat cut, square back neck, asymmetrical back, low cut back and many more. The only rule here is that you feel comfortable and gorgeous in the blouse of your choosing, and of course, that the fit be just right. We hope you liked these 54 of the top trendiest and stylish blouse back neck designs and patterns.

32.Sabyasachi Blue Blouse Back Neck Design

This gorgeous Sabyasachi creation stays true to the overall design philosophy of the maestro. Featuring the choicest of classic chic blouse back neck designs, heavy embroidery and embellishments, this gorgeous royal blue blouse will ensure that all eyes are on you.

33.Designer Crystal Studded Blouse Back Neck Design

Crystal and netted designs combine exquisitely in this designer creation, making for a blouse that seems to be the perfect mix of simplicity and intricacy.

34. Black Blouse Back Neck Design With Tassels

Simple, but classic. This elegant plain blouse can be paired with a number of sarees with varying amounts of embellishment.

35. Bejeweled Back Neck Design

A beautifully designed, maharani-style blouse back neck design with studded crystals, exquisite embroidery in bright silver thread while the blouse by itself in done in a rich off-white shade to add to the regal look.

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Thank you !

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